About us

What is Scale My Empire (SME)?

Scale My Empire (SME) was founded by Scott Gellatly in 2017 after realizing the key to successful small business technology projects was good strategy and project management.

We’ve developed our own tech strategy and project management methodology that is specifically designed to help Small to Medium Enterprise Founders to succeed. Our ‘Revolution Method’ focuses on:

Fast and agile implementation, over analysis-paralysis and crystal balling

Clear, regular and honest communication, over tightly guarded secrets

Simple and easy to use solutions, over complicated workflows

Value based approach, over pretty features and functions

We work across a range of industries, company sizes and needs with the express goal of helping you “scale your empire”, with smart technology solutions.

Our People

Nick Baldo
SME Project Manager

Nick has used his experience starting and growing his Real Estate business as a means of perfecting processes and optimizing systems. He has successfully transferred his knowledge to like-minded entrepreneurs through operations and systems consulting. While he’s an expert in the world of Real Estate, Nick has successfully helped to transform businesses of all sizes across multiple industries.

Scott Gellatly
Chief Tech Guru

Scott developed his reputation as world leading cloud technology implementer and small business enabler in his previous businesses, Bollo Empire and TrackZEN. He’s now taking his roots in enterprise architecture and project management and bringing it to his passion for helping Founders to scale their business.

Ryan Mitchell
SME Project Manager

Specialising in business process and information technology strategy, Ryan leverages his philomathic personality and passion for organisational design to enable founders and their organisations to perform at their peak.

Carl Snowling
Carl Snowling
SME Project Manager

Carl’s professional passion and experience enables him to contribute superior project and operations management skills in an IT implementation and Service Management role. Being a business owner himself, he understands the needs of his clients to maximise output whilst minimising unnecessary cost.

Graeme Redding
Graeme Redding
SME Project Manager

An experienced systems analyst and reporting analyst, with over 11 years’ experience across a wide variety of working environments ranging from FMCG through to Mining. Skilled at systems analysis and design, coupled with experience in extracting data from a wide variety of systems and reporting on this to provide detailed analysis to a wide variety Stakeholders. My goal is to assist and help companies ensure the systems that they use, add the most benefit to the end users, and can provide effective reporting by creating a solution which adds value to the business.