Castle and Cubby Gets the Most out of Their Business by Getting the Most out of Copper CRM

26 March 2019

Castle and Cubby is an eco and sustainable friendly business that creates imaginative children’s experiences from cubby houses to mock kitchens and outdoor play equipment. With their wide range of offerings within the children’s market, they have an even wider range of potential clients – creating challenges for customer relationship management.

Castle and Cubby started with just domestic clients—easy to track leads with simple sales from business to consumer. But, as their cubbies grew in popularity, so did their client base. It started with a variety of clients in the education space including schools and childcare centers. Then grew into working with cafes, restaurants, local communities, and public spaces as these businesses have realized the commercial value of having a sustainable yet imaginative children’s space as part of their offering.
“The broad range of client base has hugely influenced the need to look for a CRM to identify what the different types of clients are, and also with moving more interstate to identify where clients are in other states. Having that information at our fingertips is super important.” – Kellie Macpherson, Founder & CEO of Castle and Cubby


The Road to Finding the Right CRM

Most businesses start small and can work with basic systems until they reach a certain point in their growth. That is the case with Castle and Cubby, who got by with managing customer relationships on Excel spreadsheets. They quickly realized that with growth, the spreadsheet system was messy and hard to maintain. Yet, the first CRM system they tried did not work. Simply put by Kellie, “It really was like flying blind!”

The system had none of the functionality of Copper CRM, particularly around providing:

  • Lead conversions metrics,
  • A clear visual of Castle and Cubby’s pipeline,
  • What is sitting in current and outgoing that they need to stay in contact with, and
  • Automation of reports.

After trying heaps of different CRMs in the last year trying to get a better system, Castle and Cubby decided the next move had to make sense and had to be able to grow with their business. Kellie and her husband Jon engaged Scale My Empire to help them make the next move the right move.

“Copper, as soon as we went into it, immediately showed how intuitive it was, the really smart layout, visuals, and being able to move through it and everything—it just made sense. It was obvious where things were and obvious what we needed to do. It was very easy.” – Kellie Macpherson, Founder & CEO of Castle and Cubby


How Does Castle and Cubby Get the Most Out of Copper CRM?

Castle and Cubby knew they needed a CRM to maintain client records and opportunities, but they really didn’t know what Copper’s capacity was to take them beyond that. Capabilities like generating metrics and automating CRM processes were not skills that Kellie and Jon had before using Copper. Any business owner would agree it is hard to balance the time and energy of running your business with taking time to learn how to fully integrate a new platform. The tradeoff is often not using a system to its fullest capacity.

That’s where Scale My Empire comes in. We expedited the integration process by explaining to Kellie and Jon how Copper can grow and scale with their business, along with all the different functions they can use it for.

“From automation and its ability to talk to other programs and help us open up into other areas as well… So, I think that having a business like Scale My Empire help make that decision means we get the most out of that product [Copper CRM], and we get the most out of our business as well.” – Kellie Macpherson, Founder & CEO of Castle and Cubby



Copper CRM Gives Back Time

When you have the right CRM in place for your business, you will know it. Your CRM won’t take time away from you, it will give time back to you. The time that Kellie used to spend working on customer management in Excel spreadsheets and trying to run reports herself, is now freed up thanks to the automations set up in Copper.

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What will Kellie do with all this extra time? Well, she has big dreams, starting with being able to track and communicate better with Castle and Cubby’s customers so that everyone has a good experience. Expanding into other states, growing their product line, growing their customer base, and becoming known as the industry leaders for sustainable children’s play equipment are all on the list and are more attainable than ever with Copper’s support.

If you are ready to scale to 8-figures and want to establish the foundation to scale, email us today for a chat.