Rocket Agency Increases Efficiency, Saves Money, and Unlocks Collaboration With Scale My Empire

26 July 2018

Rocket Agency managing director David Lawrence was impressed with how quickly his team was able to hit the ground running with their new project management system.



About Rocket Agency

Rocket Agency is a digital agency that works with established businesses to help them generate higher quality leads. With nearly 20 years in the business, they create better quality leads for their customers through expert data analysis, strategic campaigns and exceptional user experiences.

David Lawrence is the agency’s co-founder and is currently serving as a managing director.

Struggling to find the right project management system that wouldn’t break the bank

Since launching as a web development agency back in 1999, David’s team struggled to find a project management system that worked the way they wanted it to.

Internal options took too much work and they dealt with outside companies that didn’t look after the projects like they were supposed to.

Worst of all, running multiple management systems was costly and didn’t work for their budget.

“When we first got in touch with Scale My Empire we’d been running our agency for quite some time and over that period have used a number of different project management systems… We just felt that none of them were really working for us as we’d hoped.”

While seeking expert guidance to implement cloud-based collaboration platform Podio, David was referred to Scale My Empire.

After consulting with SME Founder and Director Scott Gellatly, David felt confident that he had finally found a system that could meet Rocket Agency’s needs.

Partnering with SME to get the most out of their new system

From the very beginning, David was excited to work with Scale My Empire.

“We felt really comfortable that if we used Scale My Empire we would be able to get the most out of our software platform and we wouldn’t be making mistakes.”

Two things were important to David: his fixed budget and the ability to continuously build on and develop a usable product.

Scale My Empire not only delivered the best management system for Rocket Agency, they did it within David’s price point.

“How have things changed since we worked with Scale My Empire on this solution? ...the changes have been massive.”

Creating a personalized project management system, and getting the team onboard faster than expected

Before rolling the new out the new project management system, Scale My Empire worked alongside David and Rocket Agency to collaborate, brainstorm ideas, and perform system modifications where necessary.

One of David’s favorite aspects of Scale My Empire? How easily they translated business ideas into fully functional tools that the whole team could use.

“...after speaking to Scott it became pretty clear to us that Scale My Empire had some really expert skills and experience when it came to working out exactly how best to use the platform.”

The agile development methodology helped create a personalized project management system that they were able to roll out quicker than expected.

What David’s loved about the system that SME delivered:

  • Ease of use – his team was able to jump right in with the new system and get to work.
  • Customization – Rocket Agency plans to continue evolving the system to meet its needs which, working in a digital world, will happen quickly.
  • All-in-one use – From chatting to collaboration on projects, if it’s happening at Rocket Agency, it’s probably happening on the system SME helped design and implement.

“Three words to describe Scale My Empire? ‘Really Effective Solution.’”

One simplified system to rule them all

Rocket Agency previously used multiple platforms simultaneously to accomplish everything that their new system currently does.

Keeping everything in one place has increased Rocket Agency’s efficiency, saved them money, and opens up their team members’ time to focus on new collaborative projects.

“We’ve absolutely achieved what we set out to do, and we have a lot of confidence that we will continue to grow with Scale My Empire.”

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