Search Insights doubled their revenue in 6 months with Scale My Empire

20 June 2018

Jay Wright, director of Search Insights, could not believe how he and his team were able to increase their revenue by 100% after only six months.


About Search Insights

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Search Insights, an independent and boutique digital marketing agency, enables brands to more effectively find their customers, as well as create, manage, optimize and amplify digital marketing channels to drive ROI. Jay Wright is Director of Search Insights, and based in their Sydney office.

Struggling to find the right system to help the business scale

Before working with Scale My Empire, Jay’s marketing agency was experiencing some issues that are typical for fast growing businesses:

“My business was experiencing some trouble growing. We were having issues with managing workflow, managing clients, new people coming on board... everything was done on email and the more and more we added, our system or lack of system meant staff started to get pretty demotivated.”

Jay and his team tried traditional out of the box solutions like Basecamp, Workflow Max, and Insightly but the issues persisted due to limitations with each platform.

Jay continued searching for answers on how to better improve his business, and that’s when Podio was recommended to him by another business owner.

That was around the same time that Jay was referred to Scale My Empire to help customise and implement Podio into his business.

Diving deep into the business in order to improve workflows, processes, and systems

Jay stated that from beginning to end, the discovery, strategy and execution process with Scale My Empire was everything he hoped for.

“The experience we have with them (Scale My Empire) is sensational”

According to Jay, Scale My Empire helped him a lot by working with him ON his business and not IN his business.

“We had Scott running a workshop from start to finish, and he took great interest in understanding our actual business needs so the solution would be rock solid.”

Scale My Empire first sought to understand the goals of Jay’s business and make sure the solution crafted would directly influence those goals.

Once the outcomes were understood, the Scale My Empire team were able to design a business system to achieve them.

Using Scale My Empire’s signature Torchlight framework, a custom system was assembled for Search Insights that took into account People, Processes and Platforms.

Additionally, implementation success measurements were defined.

Scale My Empire then implemented a system that included:

  • A customer relationship management (CRM) tool - to help organise and interpret data to support the company in engaging its customers more effectively.
  • Team collaboration - bringing all of Search Insights’ team communication together, giving everyone a shared workspace where conversations are organised and accessible.
  • Project management capabilities - enabling Jay to delegate all of his customer work with confidence, while keeping abreast of the numbers to make sure everything was on track and profitable.

Jay also added that the rest of the SME team executed the work down to a fine art.  They delivered on time, on budget, and worked really well with the team. It was just seamless.

“In Sydney we have four people but needed eight. Scale My Empire were able to implement a setup that could be resourced from Manila which increased profitability”

The result: 100% revenue growth in 6 months with improved systems and processes

The results of using Scale My Empire have been nothing short of outstanding for Search Insights.

“We’ve increased our revenue a hundred percent, so basically double, on the six months since Podio’s come on board. I couldn’t recommend Scott and his team enough. If you’re looking to solve system issues in your business, CRM, sales, delivery... then Scale My Empire is my first recommendation.”

If you are ready to scale to 8-figures and want to establish the foundation to scale, email us today for a chat.