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Copper CRM Australian Partner

Scale My Empire

Here at Scale My Empire we recommend and use Copper because it is easy to use.

But don't take our word for it, hear what Andrew had to say on

"The user interface is intuitive and easy to use, and its' seamless integration with G Suite is outstanding"

It is true, the platform is easy to learn and intuitive. We liken it to a swan - calm and graceful on the surface and peddling like made below.

We love all the features of Copper but that is not to say you will. The 80/20 rule often applies.

Finding out what 20% and also aligning all your team to use the platform alike, can be more challenging.

Like any technology, garbage in is garbage out.

Now you can upskill someone internally to become the overnight expert on Copper and we have seen ok results so far. Maybe you're lucky to have a super star on your team who is more interested in training then selling!

Or you can tap into our expertise to do the onboarding and ongoing best practise training for Copper.

Our Founders have a unique mix of skills and experiences which gets results - more sales for you!

Paul Higgins was trained by Coca-Cola for 18 years to sell. The last 7, he has scaled SME leveraging sales CRMs like Copper.

Scott Gellatly has implemented technology in government and private enterprise for 10 years+ and has implemented Copper in 100's of businesses.

We have specially helped Copper CRM Users to:

  • Maximise their investment in the platform
  • Lift staff adoption of the platform across the business
  • Feel supported and solve any problems quickly
  • Integrate Copper with their other business system
  • Limit their exchange risk from USD billing

We do this through:

  • Understanding your business strategy and making the technology fit to it
  • Get all the team on one page through interactive training
  • Weekly Q&A webinars to keep you and your staff up to date with worlds best practise on how to sell
  • Priority Support within 4 hour response time within Australia and New Zealand
  • A dedicated slack workspace with thousands of other Copper users to learn from
  • Local currency biling
  • Ease of adding additional users
  • Custom build automations to streamline Copper to the rest of your tech stack.

Why trust us?

Good question and that is why we put our money where are mouth is.

Take our free review of how your team is leveraging Copper.

What clients say about us:

"Copper is amazing. I am really blown away by all the little things it does to make life and sales easier, but I could never have set it up myself. Scale My Empire has been an absolute delight to work with and we wouldn't have gotten this far without your expertise. Thanks for everything you've done!" - Kellie Macpherson, Castle and Cubby

"Scale My Empire has been absolutely fantastic during the whole setup process. It wasn't just about what configuration options - they helped us work out how our sales process fits into Copper." - Andrew Hahn, Dangerous Goods Network

If you'd like to hear about how Copper and Scale My Empire helped stalwart Australian Broadcaster Macquarie Media to increase sales and improve their customer relations, check out this Case Study.

If you are ready to scale to 8-figures and want to establish the foundation to scale, email us today for a chat.