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Maintain profit while scaling

We help services based businesses to improve profitability and scale through digital transformation

With high profits, Founders are able to have a lasting impact on the world, develop recognition in their industry and leave a legacy for their families.

However the road to achieving these outcomes is anything but easy.

Key Challenges of a Services Company:

1. Technology disrupting every industry

  • Enabling smaller players to compete globally
  • Commoditising technical skills, driving down rates
  • A buyers market, driving down the price of projects
  • Race to compete in innovation, not just service delivery
  • Technology can also be harnessed to create a leaner, efficient, competitive, profitable and scalable business as well  

2. Maintaining profitability when scaling

  • Critical to optimise your most important resource - your people to maximise billable time
  • Increased overhead expenses - admin management team
  • Less productive team - cultural, performance, task management Entering new market, facing new competition  

We help services based businesses to improve profitability and scale through digital transformation and our 5 pillar framework.  

SME 5-Pillar Framework For Scaling Profitably

Data driven decision making

Track the most important metrics your agency needs to scale so you can make smarter, more agile decisions. 

Optimised Resource Management

Plan, optimise and track utilisation of your most important resource - your people - to maximise profitability company wide.  

Profitable Project Analysis

Keep track of profitability on all projects and contracts with advanced cost and billing analysis. 

High performing teams

Keep the team organised, on task and highly efficient with workflow automation and collaboration tools.

Awesome Customer Experience

Gain and retain clients with a consistent, cohesive and beautiful customer workflow.

David Lawrence Photo

"We came to SME after two previous attempts at implementing a project management system for our agency. I cannot speak highly enough about Scott and his team. We’ve now got ourselves an excellent solution which is doing exactly what we needed it to do. There was lots of really clever thinking on the architecture side of things followed up with lots of really effective development work."  

-David Lawrence, Rocket Agency 

The Journey To Scale

SME Journey To Scale


We begin with Discovery - a deep dive into your business to understand your journey, what makes your business unique and your goals.  

Then we assess your current technology stack against your goals and our framework to determine where the opportunities are to improve profitability and scalability.  

Together we’ll calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) from the opportunity to give us a firm basis to move forward. 

Business Case

After Discovery we’ll have the information we need to create a tailored technology architecture for your business. 

We’ll formalise the results of the Discovery and architecture into a Business Case that links the solution to your goals and the expected return on investment. 

Together we’ll present the case to your board or senior leadership team to approve the Digital Transformation Programme. 

Project Plan

In the first stage of project delivery we will coordinate with our supplier network to finalise pricing, timelines and resource requirements such that we can develop a programme plan.

The programme plan will articulate how the transformation will take place, the expectations and responsibilities for all involved parties and a change management plan - how your team will be taken on the journey.

Together we’ll establish a steering committee and regular meeting schedule to govern the execution of the project. 

Project Delivery

Where the ‘rubber meets the road’, your dedicated Project Manager will drive the schedule of work, track the budget and report to you and the fortnightly on progress.

Expert software vendors and consultants may be engaged in this process to deliver their respective platforms, integrate them together and build the reporting and workflow outcomes necessary to deliver on the SME Framework.

Together we’ll test the results, train the team and coordinate go-live with the team. 

Support and Optimise

The most important part of the project is in achieving the outcomes we set out in the initial business case. 

 To do this, a rigorous support network will be put in place to make sure the team have the training and resources they need to succeed with your new technology stack. 

Together we’ll monitor the results of the project and continuously tweak and improve your system.  

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"Thanks to partnering with Scott and SME, our community members have been able to implement systems to improve profit through increasing revenue and reducing labour as a percentage of revenue - a material impact on profit. They have also been able to step out of the day to day running of the business, which is a fantastic result. Scott and the team never lets us down."  

Paul Higgins, Founder Build Live Give & SME Partner  

Want help maintaining profitability while scaling your business? 

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